Nicola offers individual training & mentoring for singing teachers. She also runs courses for training singers and teachers in applied anatomy, vocal technique and the use of cutting-edge motor training to embody the voice.

Motor training tools for singers, voice & vocal coaches


​Nicola has been working with neuroscientists and anatomists in London, Oxford and Wales to create the most efficient and successful training programme for singers. 

She has co-authored and researched extensively with the neuro-anatomist Dr Alan Watson at Cardiff University.

The Embotube


Nicola’s passion for clarifying the language used to teach singing has resulted in a highly effective anatomy-based image-vocabulary for conveying vocal technique. She has worked for 14 years to develop  a ground-breaking motor training system for singers and teachers of singing. She has presented this material at national and international voice conferences with uptake of the training in Europe, USA and Australia.

An article about Embodima and motor training recently published in Classical Music Magazine:

Embodima Courses

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​​Her research has drawn in top professionals, voice professors and students of singing from three conservatoires and four universities as well as a wide range of subject volunteers and several famed soloists. Their contributions are furthering the understanding of vocal science and artistry and contributing to new developments in technical training and medical rehabilitation.

The Embotube​™

The Embotube™  is an advanced motor training tool with effective coordination of the muscles of the lips, tongue, jaw and larynx. Training articulation, tone, resonance, breath, stabilising the larynx, extending range and rehabilitating damaged voices, – and much more. With highly effective results, this course is aimed at singing teachers, voice coaches and choir leaders.

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